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Employees now use technology in almost every task they undertake to include hardware, software, networks, data, internet, social media platforms and more. So how can you safeguard your investments and reputation against misuse?

Having an appropriate IT policy (or set of policies) is an essential need for all companies – no matter how small. But no two companies have the same business structure, culture or technology needs, so neither […]

Discover outstanding HR Partnership for your business.

What will 2018 be about for your business? Perhaps you’re looking at growth, or maybe this year will be more about stability, possibly it’s time to think about change and efficiency?  Whatever your business strategy for the year, Perfect Vision HR can be a helping hand supporting you to get your business and your people where they need to be. Perfect Vision HR offers outstanding HR services for small and medium sized […]

We are delighted to have joined the Gatwick Diamond Business group this year and really look forward to being part of this important local community. If you are a member then please look out for us at events, come and chat to find out more and keep an eye out for articles, information and planned webinars in the gdb publications.

It’s an upsetting fact that sexual harassment at work is commonplace. Last year the TUC published a Report, “Still just a bit of banter?” and found over half of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment, and nearly one quarter of women had experienced unwanted touching. Very high-profile cases have dominated the media in recent days and weeks and have highlighted how the actions of people and organisations that surround a perpetrator can come under significant scrutiny. […]

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