Benefit from expert guidance throughout the complete job search process. The Superior Programme will provide you with career coaching and, using a variety of tools, you will establish a clear career narrative, and future career plan. On top of the elements from the Essential and Advanced programmes you will also be fully prepared for the interview process with practice and feedback from a simulated interview. You will also gain preparation support for up to two real interviews you secure.

Interview simulations are tailored to your specific circumstances so the Superior Programme is ideal for anyone who would benefit from interview coaching including:

  • Candidates looking for Senior Leadership positions
  • Candidates return to work after a career break
  • Candidates with limited recent interview experience
  • Candidates leaving full-time education

Including up to five 1:1 meetings the package comprises:

  • Career coaching including self-inventory of career anchors and competencies
  • Developing your career narrative
  • A review of your career experience to date
  • Job searching in the information age
  • Master CV creation
  • Networking for job search
  • Maximising LinkedIn for job search
  • Interview question bank
  • Simulated Interview and feedback session
  • Additional interview preparation sessions for up to two real interviews

Outcomes: You will complete the programme with:

  • A clear, personal career narrative
  • A systematic plan for job searching and applications
  • Understanding of job search routes and how best to use them
  • The best, authentic representation of your work experience
  • A “Master CV” containing your complete career history and achievements
  • A CV tailored to your career goals and your target employers/agencies
  • Confidence in your skills & achievements and what you bring to your next role
  • Accomplished interview skills for interviews with agencies and/or employers

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