Read what others have said about working with Emma:

“It has been a pleasure working with you this year. You set very high professional standards for yourself and are a trustworthy and capable partner

“You’ve given me & my Team wise counsel and challenge; but overall I’ve really appreciated the pragmatic, “let’s make this work” approach that you’ve brought.”

 “It has really been such a pleasure to work with you…  I very much appreciated your partnership and support. You provided me not only great counsel for the markets but for my own development as well.”

“I really appreciated our collaboration, your clear view and determination for results and successful human focus…”

“Your style is supportive without being overbearing.  I have admired your timely interjection when discussions have been subjective, you offer sound, objective reason that made us all stop and agree.”

“Emma is meticulously prepared, very knowledgeable, responsive and has a very good ability to focus on the critical issues…  I have been impressed by her and very much appreciate her efforts”.

 “Emma is just a fantastic business partner. She has always been knowledgeable, professional, discreet and thorough. She has the ability to propose and implement creative solutions that work equally well for the business, for individuals and for the team. It is this creativity and determination to find ways in which we can do unusual things, rather than reasons why we can’t, that have made her truly invaluable to us.”

“Emma is happy to challenge and does so in a positive and professional way that commands respect and attention without stifling debate or discussion. As an internal customer, I find Emma a joy to work with and admire the way she has dealt with an extremely busy workload without allowing this to impact on her availability or commitment to her internal customers.”

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